3 SMD T5 / 286 Canbus LED Upgrade Bulbs Lighting Part For Depo Angel Eye Headlights


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286/T5 canbus LED bulbs designed for aftermarket headlights made by DEPO to upgrade the rings


  • Two sideways facing LEDs & 1 on the top to illuminate as much as the ring as possible
  • Canbus error free
  • Xenon White colour
  • Direct replacement for standard 286 bulbs
  • 16 bulbs are needed for all 4 rings. 4 per ring

Fits MOST Depo headlights with yellow rings such as:

  • BMW 1 Series
  • BMW 3 series
  • Vauxhall Astra MK5

and probably much more. Not all take 286 so check before buying


  • No tools needed but we would highly recommend installing these with the headlights out of the car
  • A small hand will be needed this it a fit fiddley. Large hands will struggle to get inside the headlight
  • You can see where the bulbs push into the back of the rings, pull these out. Replace with the LEDs
  • Hold the LED by the base rather than the top as you can bend and snap the LEDs out as they will need a small amount of force to push them in
  • BEFORE pushing the LEDs back into the rings, test by plugging the headlight into the car and turning the sidelights on to make sure they all work as the LEDs are polarised and will only work 1 way. So if any are not lighting turn them 180 degrees and re-install

Additional information

Manufacturer Part Number

286CB3, 286CB3x16, 286cb3x20

Bulb Type


Pack Size

x 16, x1, x20


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