COB LED halo angel eye rings Multicolour bluetooth 60mm-120mm


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  • 2 or 4 or 6 rings available
  • super bright colour, brighter than CCFL rings
  • Not fragile like CCFL rings
  • 12v only
  • Connect to any 12v power supply
  • looks like 1 solid bar of light
  • Diamater is for the outer size. Inner size remove 10mm


  • 60MM (45pcs cob chips) 270lm real power is 3w
  • 70MM(60pcs cob chips ) 360LM real power is 3w
  • 80MM(63 pcs cob chips ) 378LM real power is 3.6w
  • 90MM(66pcs cob chips ) 396lm real power is 3.6w
  • 100MM(72pcs cob chips ) 432lm real power is 3.6w
  • 110MM(81 pcs cob chips ) 486lm real power is 3.6w
  • 120MM(93pcs cob chips) 558lm real power is 3.6w


Switchback ring sizes (Outer) Inner minus 14mm

  • 63mm 
  • 73mm
  • 83mm
  • 93mm
  • 103mm
  • 113mm
  • 123mm

Bluetooth Rings:

  • 3 colours Red / Green / Blue (Will mix to make more colours but will never be 100% white)
  • App is called LED BLE. 1 Control box per 2 rings. These can can grouped within the App
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RGB Bluetooth

Manufacturer Part Number



Does not apply

Pack Size

x2, x4


100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm


Retro-fit Lights


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